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Version 1.1, Revised 3 September 2020

We do not use cookies, Javascript or other technologies to track visitors to our site.

Your IP address is logged by our webserver to aid in diagnosing networking and accessibility problems. Webserver logs are discarded after one week.

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The above simple statement is apparently not sufficient for some people. So here are more details.

How do we track you?

Do you share my data with third parties?

What types of personal information do you collect?

How long is my data retained?

Can I request access and deletion of personal data?

How can I control my data?

How do you ensure my data security?

Do you use any form of encryption?

Do you honor Do Not Track requests?

What options do I have for opting out of data collection?

Do you give my data to the legal authorities?

For what purposes is my data collected?

For what purposes is my data retained?

Can I delete my data completely?

How can I access my data?

Do you collect children data?

Respecting children’s privacy

Opt-out choices

What data is retained?

What types of personal information types are be collected.

How are ads and third party content managed?

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